We provide excellent services that would support your child's growth in reading and math skills for any child in grades K - 8. 

For families in Maryland and District of Columbia, we tailor our instructions to the Common Core Standards for all subjects which prepares students for the PARCC standardized testing in the spring.

For families in Virginia, we use the Standards of Learning (SOL) for instruction which would prepare students for the SOL standardized testing in the spring.

READING - Being a holistic academic course, we pinpoint the areas where the gap lies using live assessments. Areas we work on to improve overall reading include:

K - 2nd Grade (but could be used for higher grades as well if deficit is assessed):

  • Word recognition and spelling.

  • Vocabulary building.

  • Building and maintaining reading fluency rates.

3rd grade and higher 

  • Comprehension skills for fiction and informational text.

  • Literature, including key ideas and details, craft/structure, and complexity of text.

MATHEMATICS - More skills-based in nature, the areas of need could be quickly assessed from the initial session. Our math teaching method is very practical in nature. Studies shows that when the student is able to show as opposed to do, they retain these skills for long term use at a much quicker rate.

Here are some of the most requested math skills families request for coaching:

  • Fractions 

  • Multiplication and division fluency

  • Measurement and data tables

  • Geometry

  • Algebra

WRITING SKILLS - Students who are more logical thinkers (math science) tend to steer away from writing exercises. There is this perceived notion that those who like to write are just born with the gift. This could be far from the truth! Who knew writing could be "learned and liked?" Here is our focus:

  • Structure based using methodical techniques to construct extensive writing pieces such a research papers, book reports, essays, speeches, and print media.

  • Using relevant experience or creative ideas to convey narrative, persuasive and explanatory writing.

  • Writing as a form of artistry.

  • Emphasis on grammar and vocabulary use. 

  • Develop editing skills and how to publish online and on print.

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ACADEMIC COACHING We offer families support in all-around academic progress. Coaching services provides support in study skills, learning habits, time management, behavior support, and private school admissions counseling.


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